What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is a globally recognized provider of corporate sustainability ratings, intelligence, and tools. Founded in Paris in 2007, their mission is to provide reliable sustainability ratings and insights, enabling companies to reduce risk, drive improvement, and accelerate positive impact on our planet and society. EcoVadis evaluates companies based on various sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000.

EcoVadis provides sustainability ratings to companies within Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. Within these dimensions, it evaluates companies from zero to one hundred based on their policies, actions, and reports.

How companies
can benefit from EcoVadis assessment:


  • Risk assesments
  • Performance Improvement & Better Cost Management
  • Scalability & innovations


  • Global Rating and Benchmarking
  • Transparency and Visibility
  • Target driven actions


The EcoVadis sustainability assessment methodology is at the heart of EcoVadis Ratings and Scorecards. It is an evaluation of how well a company has integrated the principles of Sustainability/CSR into their business and management system.

It is based on seven founding principles: Assessment by International Experts, Tailored to Industry Sector, Country and Company Size, Source Diversification to Ensure Rich Stakeholder Input for Reliable Scoring, Utilize Technology to Ensure a Secure and Confidential Process and Accelerated Cycle Time, Traceability and Transparency of Documentation, Evidence-Based, and Excellence Through Continuous Improvement.

EcoVadis Scorecard

Shows you and your trading partners their performance in four themes:
Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement

EcoVadis stands as a prominent assessment, focusing on evaluating an organization’s Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement aspects. Depending on the eligibility of their Sustainability Score, organizations have the opportunity to attain prestigious EcoVadis Medals, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Platinum – Top 1% (99+ percentile)

Gold – Top 5% (95+ percentile)

Silver – Top 15% (85+ percentile)

Bronze – Top 35% (65+ percentile)

EcoVadis Badges

EcoVadis badges are awarded to companies based on certain score requirements:

EcoVadis Medals and Badges recognize eligible companies that have completed the EcoVadis assessment process and demonstrated a relatively strong management system that addresses sustainability criteria, as outlined in the EcoVadis methodology.

An EcoVadis medal or badge is an acknowledgement of achievement relative to other assessed companies across the EcoVadis database. EcoVadis customers who have an active Premium, Select, or Corporate subscription can promote their medal or badge publicly to share their achievements and inspire others.

Navigating Ecovadis Certification: A 4-Step Guide

Register online on Ecovadis Portal

Establish your company profile with business activity, contact details, etc. This data shapes a tailored questionnaire for your unique needs.

Expert Analysis

EcoVadis analysts synthesize your responses into an independent Scorecard, based on a questionnaire and document-driven management system assessment.

Answer Questionnaire

Complete the questionnaire, securely upload documents (e.g., certifications). Enjoy multilingual, confidential support from our dedicated team. Subscribe on Ecovadis portal.

Ecovadis CSR Rating

View and share your Scorecard results online. Collaborate with customers, enhance performance, and showcase your achievements effortlessly.

Growlity’s support on EcoVadis

As a certified Approved Consultant and Training Partner, Growlity facilitates global businesses on the EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment to improve their score and rating through advisory and training.

Our Advisory Support

We provide a versatile range of EcoVadis advisory services, offering a modular structure that can be customized to align with the specific requirements of our clients. Our services are outlined below


EcoVadis Gap Analysis

Growlity’s EcoVadis experts analyze your scorecard, pinpoint gaps, and provide a tailored action plan for improvement. Implement our recommendations to boost your sustainability score effectively.

EcoVadis Response Check

Post-EcoVadis Assessment, Growlity offers expert guidance. We review, suggest improvements, and provide detailed reports for enhanced responses to clients.

EcoVadis Implementation

EcoVadis experts will create a sustainable management system aligned with their criteria, including KPI dashboard and policies. We’ll validate and enhance submissions, enhancing your EcoVadis score

EcoVadis Briefing

Growlity provides tailored EcoVadis briefing for effective assessment completion. Public and in-house options enhance understanding of assessment requirements.

EcoVadis Questionnaire Response

Tap into our EcoVadis expertise for precise CSR Assessment responses. Growlity  provide guidance on performance data and supporting evidence, guaranteeing compliance with EcoVadis standards.
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EcoVadis Advisory

Growlity’s customized advisory services enhance performance in specific areas, leading to improved scores and ratings for your business.

Our Services

Our multidisciplinary teams can help companies understand the risks and opportunities arising from climate change and materiality issues to achieve growth with sustainability.



We evolve an agreed framework to focus investment and drive performance, as well as engage internal and external stakeholders.


We help our clients to identify and harness climate innovation, embed sustainability at scale into their business, and capture the value they create.


Our services include preparing, measuring and analysing the impact through organizational sustainability reporting as against global frameworks.


Our professional instructors draw from their own experience in sustainability, carbon management, responsible supply chain, ethics and SDGs of United Nations.

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