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Green Building Certification enhances environmental performance and sustainability of buildings. With Growlity’s expertise, achieve certifications effortlessly, improving efficiency and value while reducing environmental impact.


What is Green Building Certification?

Green building certification is a process by which a building’s design, construction, and operation are evaluated against a set of criteria aimed at improving environmental performance and promoting sustainable practices. Growlity provides consultancy services for green building certifications under various green building rating systems like IGBC, LEED, GRIHA, GEM, WELL, EDGE, ECBC & more.

Benefits of Green Building Certification

Environmental Benefits

Green building certification promotes energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction, reducing carbon footprints and environmental impact while preserving natural resources.

Economic Benefits

Certified green buildings lower operational costs, increase property value, and attract environmentally conscious tenants. They may also qualify for government incentives, making them financially beneficial.

Health and Well-being Benefits

Green buildings enhance indoor air quality, natural lighting, and thermal comfort, improving occupant health, reducing illness, and boosting productivity.

Social Benefits

Green building certification fosters community well-being through communal spaces and green areas, enhancing quality of life and demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

Why We Need a Green Building Certification System?

Green building certification ensures that structures meet rigorous standards for energy efficiency, water usage, and material selection, thereby reducing their environmental impact and promoting superior construction quality. It provides transparency and accountability, often resulting in lower operating costs and various economic benefits. Certified buildings enhance occupant health and productivity, stand out in the marketplace, and comply with regulatory requirements. Additionally, they demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Environmental Responsibility

It promotes sustainable building practices, reduces resource consumption, and minimizes environmental impact with global efforts to address climate change.

Market Demand

Certification enhances a building’s appeal to tenants, investors, and buyers, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and potentially increasing its market value and competitiveness.

Occupant Health

Certification ensures buildings prioritize factors like air quality and natural lighting, fostering healthier indoor environments and enhancing occupant well-being.

Regulatory Compliance

Certification may be required by regulations or incentivized by governments to ensure compliance with energy and environmental standards, driving broader adoption of sustainable building practices.

Cost Efficiency

By incorporating energy-efficient systems and sustainable materials, certified buildings can lower operating costs over time, making them financially advantageous.

Global Leadership

Green building certification displays global environmental leadership. Certified buildings, meeting stringent sustainability criteria, inspire worldwide adoption of green practices, shaping a sustainable future and fostering eco-friendly construction globally.

Green Building Certifications and Standards Overview

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), established in 2001, is a key advocate for sustainable building practices in India, operating under the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). IGBC plays a pivotal role in driving the country’s green building movement, fostering a shift towards sustainability in the built environment.


GEM (Green and Eco-friendly Movement) Certification, developed by ASSOCHAM, promotes sustainable building practices in India. It enhances buildings’ environmental performance by ensuring they are energy-efficient, water-efficient, resource-efficient, and conducive to a healthy living environment.


ECBC (Energy Conservation Building Code) certification, developed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India, sets standards for energy efficiency in building design and construction. It aims to reduce energy consumption, promote sustainable practices, and enhance building performance.


WELL Certification, established by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), is globally recognized for its focus on enhancing human health and well-being through the built environment. Grounded in scientific research and best practices, WELL assesses buildings’ impact on occupant health across various key areas.


(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a globally recognized standard for measuring building sustainability. It evaluates energy efficiency, water use, indoor air quality, and material selection to promote environmentally responsible and resource-efficient construction.


(Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) serves as India’s primary comprehensive green building rating system. Developed by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and backed by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), GRIHA meticulously evaluates buildings’ overall environmental performance throughout their lifecycle.


EDGE Certification is a green building certification system developed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. It aims to enhance resource efficiency in buildings by focusing on cost-effective strategies to reduce energy and water usage, as well as the embodied energy in materials.

IGBC Membership  Certificate

How Growlity Can Help?

Growlity Inc. is committed to Growth with Sustainability, offering a versatile range of sustainability advisory services. Our expertise in green building certifications, such as IGBC, LEED, GRIHA, GEM, WELL, EDGE, and ECBC positions us uniquely to assist businesses in achieving their sustainability goals. We provide comprehensive support, from assessment and gap analysis to strategic planning and implementation. Our team offers tailored strategies, technical support, and training to ensure compliance with certification standards, while also providing ongoing monitoring and reporting to track progress. Serving clients in India, and the USA, Growlity helps companies enhance their environmental performance and create sustainable, resilient built environments. Our commitment to sustainability and deep industry knowledge make us the ideal partner for green building initiatives, helping businesses achieve their certification goals efficiently and effectively.

Our Services

Our multidisciplinary teams can help companies understand the risks and opportunities arising from climate change and materiality issues to achieve growth with sustainability.



We evolve an agreed framework to focus investment and drive performance, as well as engage internal and external stakeholders.


We help our clients to identify and harness climate innovation, embed sustainability at scale into their business, and capture the value they create.


Our services include preparing, measuring and analysing the impact through organizational sustainability reporting as against global frameworks.


Our professional instructors draw from their own experience in sustainability, carbon management, responsible supply chain, ethics and SDGs of United Nations.

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