Surat, Gujarat, India, 12 January 2024

Dholakia Technologies LLP, a leading lab-grown diamond producer, proudly announces that Dholakia Technologies LLP and its global luxury brand, Craft Lab Grown Diamonds (Imperial Jewels), has successfully attained the prestigious SCS-007 Sustainable Rated Diamonds Certification from SCS Global Services. This recognition underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices in the diamond industry.

The rigorous evaluation process, which encompasses Climate Neutrality, Social Compliance, Human Rights Due Diligence, and Sustainable Procurement, was adeptly navigated by the expert team at Growlity, a renowned global advisory and consulting services company specializing in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategies and execution.

Mr. Rajesh Dholakia, Director of Dholakia Technologies LLP and Mr. Hasu Dholakia, Director of Craft Lab Grown Diamonds (Imperial Jewels) expressed their elation at the achievement, stating, “Craft Lab Grown Diamonds brand has always been dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. This certification validates our unwavering commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, upholding human rights, and fostering social responsibility in the luxury industry. We hope this milestone inspires others to join us in the pursuit of a more sustainable and responsible future.”

The ESG domain experts at Growlity played a pivotal role in facilitating the comprehensive compliance and evaluation process. Dr. Nitin Dumasia, President and CEO and Mr. Jay Kapadia, Senior Advisor – ESG Compliance at Growlity, commented, “We are proud to handhold Dholakia Technologies LLP & Imperial Jewels in achieving the SCS-007 Sustainable Rated Diamonds Certification. This accomplishment reflects the synergy between innovation and sustainability, setting a benchmark for the industry. We encourage other players in the sector to adopt similar practices and contribute to global efforts in combating climate change.”

Mr. Bobby Mathew, Director Of Business Development – India & Middle East at SCS Global Services remarked “Congratulations to Dholakia Technologies LLP and Imperial Jewels on achieving the SCS-007 Sustainable Rated Diamonds Certification. Their commitment to sustainability sets a commendable industry standard. We appreciate Growlity‘s expertise in facilitating this milestone. Together, we contribute to a more ethical and sustainable future in the lab-grown diamond industry.”

Craft Lab Grown Diamonds brand has consistently demonstrated leadership in sustainable practices within the lab-grown diamond sector. The SCS-007 certification reinforces their commitment to responsible business operations and sets the stage for continued advancements in ethical and sustainable diamond production.

About Dholakia Technologies LLP: Dholakia Technologies LLP is a prominent lab-grown diamond producer, renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. The company operates under the brand Craft Lab Grown Diamonds, offering a range of luxury lab-grown diamonds that embody ethical and environmental responsibility.

About Growlity: Growlity is a global advisory and consulting services company specializing in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) compliance. With a team of experts dedicated to driving sustainable business practices, Growlity partners with organizations to navigate complex compliance requirements and achieve industry-leading standards.

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