Ahmedabad, 28 December 2023

Harsha Engineers International Limited, a prominent name in the Indian corporate landscape and a listed company on the SEBI, India proudly announces a strategic alliance with Growlity, a leading firm specializing in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) solutions. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in Harsha Engineers International Limited‘ commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices they initiated since last year.

In an era where environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility are imperative, Harsha Engineers International Limited is dedicated to integrating sustainability at the core of its operations. Partnering with Growlity as their ESG & Sustainability Advisor signifies Harsha Engineers International Limited’ proactive approach towards driving positive change and fostering a sustainable business ecosystem.

“At Harsha Engineers International Limited, our ethos is rooted in responsible business conduct and sustainable growth,” stated Mr. Pilak Shah, COO & Director. “Partnering with Growlity allows us to fortify our commitment to ESG principles and amplify our sustainability efforts.” also added by Mrs. Hetal Naik, Director  at Harsha Engineers International Limited.

The collaboration between Harsha Engineers International Limited and Growlity is multifaceted, with a key focus on addressing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Growlity’s team of seasoned experts will collaborate closely with Harsha Engineers International Limited to compute precise GHG emissions, setting the stage for a strategic roadmap towards decarbonization and sustainable transformation.

Furthermore, Growlity will facilitate comprehensive training programs covering diverse aspects of ESG and Sustainability. These targeted training modules aim to empower Harsha Engineers International Limited‘s workforce with the requisite knowledge and tools to embrace sustainable practices effectively.

In line with regulatory requirements and global best practices, Growlity will support Harsha Engineers International Limited in preparing their Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) disclosures. This collaboration will also culminate in the development of an Annual Sustainability Report, outlining the company’s sustainability journey, achievements, and future goals.

Engaging stakeholders is a pivotal aspect of this partnership. Harsha Engineers International Limited, in collaboration with Growlity, aims to foster meaningful dialogues with stakeholders to ensure alignment and transparency in sustainability initiatives.

Improving ESG ratings and enhancing business sustainability performance are among the core objectives of this collaboration. Growlity will provide expert guidance and strategic counsel to Harsha Engineers International Limited, enabling the company to bolster its ESG ratings and overall sustainability performance.

The collaboration between Harsha Engineers International Limited and Growlity underscores a shared commitment to driving positive environmental and social impact while ensuring long-term business sustainability.

For more information about Harsha Engineers International Limited and their commitment to sustainability, please visit www.harshaengineers.com

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