New York, USA, 01 March, 2024

Growlity, a leading ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and Business Sustainability Management Advisory Company, proudly announces its new status as an official Associate Member of ResponsibleSteel. This milestone marks a significant step forward in Growlity’s commitment to promoting sustainability within the steel industry and beyond.

Registered in the USA and with operations spanning across the globe, including in India, Thailand, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, the UK, Canada, and Mexico, Growlity has firmly established itself as a trusted advisor in ESG and Business Sustainability Management. From conducting greenhouse gas footprint calculations to providing guidance on ESG & Sustainability reporting and disclosures, Growlity offers a comprehensive suite of advisory and consulting services tailored to meet the evolving needs of its diverse clientele.

Dr. Nitin Dumasia, President & CEO of Growlity, expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s latest achievement, stating, “In its continuous pursuit of making Growth with Sustainability a reality for all, Growlity Inc. has now become an official member of ResponsibleSteel, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to be a driving force in responsible production of net-zero steel, globally. This esteemed association will enhance Growlity’s capability to serve its global clients better. With ResponsibleSteel membership, Growlity Inc. will be able to bring a full bouquet of ESG advisory services across the sustainable supply chain. Towards a Greener Future!”

Mr. Prabhat Pant, Vice President – Global Market Development & Partnerships of Growlity also added, “In a steadfast commitment to fostering sustainable development for all, Growlity Inc. proudly announces its recent induction as an esteemed member of ResponsibleSteel. This prestigious affiliation solidifies Growlity’s dedication to advancing ResponsibleSteel production practices worldwide. By aligning with ResponsibleSteel, a renowned not-for-profit organization dedicated to achieving net-zero emissions, Growlity enhances its ability to provide superior service to clients across the globe. With this membership, Growlity is poised to offer a comprehensive range of ESG advisory services throughout the sustainable supply chain, marking a significant stride towards a more environmentally conscious future. Together with ResponsibleSteel, Growlity endeavors to pave the way for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.”

Ms. Annie Heaton, CEO of ResponsibleSteel, welcomed the team Growlity and with pride and stated “It is with great pleasure that I can confirm on behalf of our Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to our organisation. You are now part of the great ResponsibleSteel family, the only global multi-stakeholder organisation for the steel supply chain looking to “maximise steel’s contribution to a sustainable society. We are a growing and dynamic organisation, and your participation is what ensures our unique power and influence in the market. We are rolling out the ResponsibleSteel Standard across the globe and we are proud that our positive impact is already creating change. You are a fundamental part of this.”

ResponsibleSteel is dedicated to fostering responsible steel production practices, with a primary focus on achieving net-zero emissions. As an Associate Member, Growlity will contribute its expertise and resources to support ResponsibleSteel’s mission of promoting sustainable steel production practices worldwide.

Through this partnership, Growlity reaffirms its dedication to promoting environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic prosperity across industries. By aligning with ResponsibleSteel, Growlity aims to drive positive change and play a pivotal role in building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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