Mumbai, October 18, 2023

In a resounding affirmation of their commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, Hardcastle Petrofer proudly announces their partnership with Growlity as their official ESG partner. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in their journey towards harmonizing growth with sustainability and enhancing their corporate social responsibility.

Growlity , a leading proponent of sustainable growth, will bring its expertise and resources to augment Hardcastle Petrofer‘s existing business practices. With a portfolio of specialized services, Growlity will empower Hardcastle Petrofer to navigate the complex landscape of ESG principles seamlessly.

Some of the key services to be provided by Growlity include:

1. ESG Training: Growlity will carry out a range of training programs, including Fundamentals of ESG, ESG Concept Sensitizing/Introduction, ESG Reporting, and insights on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These programs will equip Hardcastle Petrofer‘s team with the knowledge and tools necessary to integrate ESG principles effectively.

2. ESG Score Evaluation: Growlity will assess and evaluate Hardcastle Petrofer‘s ESG performance, helping them understand their current standing and identify areas for improvement.

3. Footprints Calculations: Growlity will assist Hardcastle Petrofer in calculating and managing their environmental footprints, including greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), water consumption, energy usage, and waste generation. This information will serve as a basis for informed sustainability decisions.

4. Policy Documentation: Growlity will help Hardcastle Petrofer in documenting and formalizing ESG policies and practices, ensuring that sustainability is embedded into their corporate culture.

5. Annual Sustainability Report: Growlity will support Hardcastle Petrofer in the preparation of their Annual Sustainability Report as per GRI and other national and international standards, showcasing their progress and commitment to ESG principles.

6. EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment: Hardcastle Petrofer will also benefit from Growlity’s expertise in completing the EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment, a globally recognized framework for evaluating and improving ESG performance.

This partnership between Hardcastle Petrofer and Growlity reflects a shared vision for a sustainable and responsible future. It demonstrates a proactive commitment to achieving positive change, promoting environmental stewardship, and enhancing social responsibility.

By leveraging the strategic insights, training, and comprehensive ESG services offered by Growlity, Hardcastle Petrofer is poised to strengthen its position as a responsible and sustainable corporate citizen. This collaboration sets a precedent for industry leaders, illustrating the power of proactive ESG practices in fostering meaningful and enduring change.

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